Documentation Management that Makes Project Management Easier

Meemim reduces time needed for creating and searching for all types of project documentation. Your team spends less time searching for information, less time documenting project information and more time on achieving project objectives.

Document and Share Information

Code documentation, logins and passwords, contact info for technical product suppliers, details of hardware and software, operating procedures – It’s a long list of key information that is critical to your project’s success. How do you manage this?

Meemim answers this challenge with ease of use and increased productivity.

Improve project management for your Team

Meemim Delivers Ease of Use and Increased Productivity

Image-based contextual search offers a cleaner and faster path to the information you need.

There’s no reason to struggle with hierarchal lists of text, poking at links that may or may not have the document you’re searching for.

Meemim’s visual approach to sharing project documentation helps ensure that all team members find the answers they need.

Improve project management for your Team


“Now, I only get asked questions if the answer is not in Meemim. The more Meemim gets used, the more valuable it becomes as a crowd-sourced repository of all technical knowledge.”

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