Mixed Reality Made Real

Meemim’s solution for Mixed Reality delivers help files, operating manuals, assembly instructions, safety procedures, requirements, and other content to Microsoft Hololens.

Now, users can have instant access to information packages, such as help documentation, linked to specific activities, projects and even objects – both physical and virtual – to reduce time and effort required to complete assigned tasks.

Since the information is housed and maintained in a centralized repository that can be linked to multiple sources, updates to that information are instant and do not require programming changes or laborious data entry.

Information Delivery Platform

Meemim is a centralized information and knowledge repository for your team or organization. The unique architecture and user interface of Meemim allows you to create visual and easy-to-understand information packages that can contain text, images, videos and files.

Then, these packages can be embedded within Mixed Reality applications to display help files, instructions and other content where it is needed.

Please review “Meemim for Microsoft Hololens” use cases below.

Note: some images used to exemplify the applications of the Meemim platform are modified from existing use cases and the copyrights remain with their respective owners.

Use Meemim to find your document fast

Display Requirements and Specifications

Meemim platform is uniquely optimized for capturing information, such as requirements and specifications, and linking it to specific projects, tasks or objects. This information is made available to those who need to reference it while working on an assignment.

Updates to the reference information can be done in minutes and from any device, making it easy to keep information up to date.

Meemim requirements and specifications for mixed reality

Provide Instructions

Assembly steps, special parts requirements and product history go hand-in-hand with engineering projects.

Meemim can link required information to a specific object, or even a development phase for the object, thus putting it at the fingertips of those who need it.

The “linked” references come from a centralized Meemim hub, so it can be updated on the fly and without programming. Furthermore, Meemim packages can be connected to other systems, such as ERP platforms, so information updates can be done automatically and without human intervention.

Meemim special instructions and supporting information for mixed reality

Deliver Support Information Remotely

Every minute counts when working on a project site. This is where Meemim excels.

In case a field technician requires help, a colleague from another location can put together an information package from a centralized Meemim hub on the fly. This package can then be delivered instantly to the person on-site for them to reference.

Meemim support information for mixed reality

Reduce Research and Development Costs

Meemim collaboration platform is built for HoloLens.

Meemim components are designed for embedding within custom HoloLens applications. When building designing new Mixed Reality solution, simply include Meemim components into it to deliver a comprehensive Mixed Reality platform at a fraction of the cost.

Meemim reduce research and development costs of mixed reality software
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