Announcement: Meemim accepts seed funding offer to expand its features

Back in December, we wrote an article about how we rejected a funding offer, and why we felt it wasn’t a good fit for us. Well, we’re thrilled to announce that we just accepted one.

When we wrote about how we rejected a funding offer valuing us at $2.5 million, we gave three big reasons: it would dilute our stake too much, it undervalued the product’s potential, and it would shift our focus from the making the best product we could, to chasing ever more investment. This last reason was by far the most important one for us. The culture of rapid profitless growth just for growth’s sake is never a good idea, and we didn’t want to go down that path.

What makes this round of funding different is that it’s focused on features. This time, rather using the funding to polish our pitch and prepare for the next round, we’re plowing it directly into expanding our capabilities and improving our product.  The three new upcoming features which we’re most excited about are:

— An external facing help portal/knowledge base

— Expansion of mobile support

— New integrations with key services, including Slack

External Facing Capabilities

We’ve seen how Meemim has cut down on internal support requests by allowing HR people to put the information into Meemim once, instead of answering questions over and over again by email. These same capabilities help cut down on external support requests as well.

By embedding Meemim directly into their website, companies will be able to use it as an external facing customer help Wiki/knowledge base. Our trials show that it helps to reduce support calls by 30% and reduce the time required to build and maintain external knowledge bases by almost 90% in some cases.

Improved User Interface and Mobile Support

Designing a product from scratch can get you part of the way, but there’s nothing like testing your software in the real world and getting customer feedback to help refine and polish a user experience. Taking all the feedback we’ve gotten from our current clients, we’re pushing through major improvements to make Meemim simpler and faster to use than ever before.

But the new interface will do more than just that. The redesign will be done in such a way as to make it work just as well on small phone and tablet screens as on a regular browser. This will make the entire system mobile ready, greatly expanding what Meemim can do, especially in environments like warehouses where a desktop screen might not always be close by.

New Integrations, Including Slack

And, lastly, we’re working on a bunch of new integrations with other software to expand Meemim’s functionality. There are two sides to this. First, notifications from Meemim will be able to flow through other services, especially Slack, meaning that users can get their Meemim updates through whatever program they’re most comfortable with.

Second, we’re embedding our product within other services such as Intranet portals, ERP systems, and other software that requires robust end-user documentation. Once implemented, users will be able to access relevant information, including help files and standard operating procedures, directly in these tools.



We’re working on delivering all of these changes already, and they should all be up and running by this July. Stay tuned for more updates!


Alec Pestov
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